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5 - Automation Enthusiast

In coding I would run this in a for() or foreach() arguments, however, I’m a little frustrated trying to think how to execute what I want to achieve.

I’m trying to generate new invoices annually for my clients using the page designer (but not this is relevant to that extension).
I have a table for clients, payment details, invoices, products and invoiceProducts.
I’m working in the Invoices table using fields InvoiceDate, InvoiceDue and NextInvoice when entering view to perform relevant actions.
In addition, InvoiceProducts I’m using fields Renewable and RenewingDate to also generate an automation when entering view to decide if that products renew on this invoice or not.

The problem I’m finding is that when InvoiceProducts enters view, and there are multiple rows the automation does not know how to distribute this data in the action (or better said, I don’t know how to use this data in Airtable).

My automation fails when running a new InvoiceProduct (based on the old invoiceproducts) it clusters the results as one. Is there a way to circumvent this?
I would like to array output or somehow to express for each row that enters view, to create a new record.

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I’m attempting to understand the basics of what you’re wishing to automate. Could you simplify your explanation, perhaps include screenshots of what you have, and a mock-up of what you’re needing to achieve?