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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, I have seen that automations involving lookup fields are currently not supported by Airtable (based on similar posts from 2020) but I am unsure how to work around my problem, if there is one, and am looking for some help.

I have 2 tables. When table 1 receives a new entry from a form an automation creates an entry in table 2. Currently I approve the entry in table 2 by checking a box. Table 1 is meant to look up table 2 and similarly add a checkbox, plus look up the name field associated with that record and also link the activities field across both tables.

Currently I am finding that I need to manually enter the lookup of the name in Table 1 for the other fields to update. I would like to automate this once the checkbox is filled in table 2.

Does this make sense and is it possible?


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establish links between tables is the one of a basic functions for automation. I think you need to read about how linking works in Airtable, How-to-link-records-in-Airtable.

In your Case, it’s quite simple.
step 1 trigger by checkbox,
step 2 find records (in table 1) according to condition.
step 3 update record in table 2(triggered in step 1) put [list of IDs, step 2] in linked field

Hi & thanks for responding. The links between the tables work - when I created them it was after I already had data input in several fields and when I created the links everything auto populated the way it should. I am able to successfully create the trigger no problems and that passes the test. It is the subsequent updating when a new form is submitted where I’m coming across issues.

I am a little confused by Step 3 - I have the trigger working. and I have actioned the find records from table 1 based on the condition that the linked field from table 2 is unchecked which also passes the test. So far so good.

With Step 3 I have ‘update record’ in table 2. with ‘list of Airtable record ID’ from step 1 and fields are list of Airtable record ID but the test is still failing.

Images included (hopefully) are 1. automation; 2. table 2; 3. table 1


i think, the problem of your step 3 is wrong Record ID.
should be record ID from step 1, not field value. It’s the single ID of record in table 2 to be updated.

like this:

and then you choose field (the place where ‘Unknown field’ on your picture). When you choose right Record ID, you will be able to choose right field (i guess it’s “Activities/Resourses” in your case), and 'List of ‘Airtable record ID’ is correct.
The problem is in yours “Record ID” and then “Choose field”.

If test fails ater that, try to re-test from 1st step. Good luck.