Automations: Bi-Directional Linking (2 Fields)

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Community, 

Relatively new with Airtable (6 months or so) and struggling to create an automation that in theory seems quite simple, but I've tried everything and can't seem to crack it...


I have a table for invoices, where each invoice can be set as either an "Invoice" or "Additional Invoice". the invoices table also has fields called "Original Invoice" (Linked to other records) and "Additional Invoice" (Linked to other records).

Desired Automation/Example

I create a new record in the invoices table (Record B) and set it as an "Additional Invoice", and then, in the "Original Record" field, I link to Record A. (In other words, I am setting that Record B is an "Additional Invoice", and it's "Original Invoice" was Record A) 

When Record A is linked to Record B as above, I want Record A's "Additional Invoice" field to be populated (linked with) Record B automatically. - Rather than having to go into Record A, and linking it with Record B manually.

If anyone could work out the way to achieve this without any testing issues arising within the automation, I would be so so grateful, this has given me so many headaches!

Thank you!


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello George,

Attached are some screenshots for a quick solution.

Be aware that this solution is just a hint and far from being complete since many cases are not taken into account:

- If you modifiy the Original_Invoice_Id for a record where it had been previously set

- If you change the "Invoice type" value for a record

- If you delete a record