Automations with CSV import running all at once vs in sequence

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am currently using CSV import to fill out a table1. In this table1, a groups of records will have duplicate field values(Item#). Then in Table2 I have a single record for each group of matching Item#'s that are all linked.

My automation wont trigger until at least 3 of the fields are filled(in case of manual entry) on Table1. Then it looks to see if Item# exists on Table2. If not, it creates a record. If so, it fills out the linked record field in Table1 to link it to the existing record in table 2.


If I input the records to Table1 one at a time it works without an issue. When I use CSV import or do a bunch at once, it doesn’t register that there is a record in Table2 and creates a bunch of duplicates in Table2. I can look to see that it creates a record and that its still in progress for another record but still creates a duplicate anyways.

I can provide more screenshots or info if it helps!

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Hi Anthony, if I were to hazard a guess I would say this is down to a timing issue of when the automation’s running, so you could try fixing this by delaying the automation’s trigger somehow, either by a script action where you just make it wait, or some kind of formula field with a “Created Time + 2 minutes” or something

However, before you go down those roads, I was wondering if we could try something else

If you’re just trying to make sure that the records are linked properly, you could try:

  1. In Table 2, make your primary field the “Item#” value
  2. In your automation, have a single Update Record step, where it updates the record in Table 1 and pastes the “Item#” value into the linked field to Table 2

I think this should do what you’re looking for: Create a record in Table 2 for that “Item#” value if it doesn’t exist, and link it together if it does