Batch Upload Images to Create New Records

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all - I work for an image retouching company and have a table in my base named Assets. These are all images that get linked to projects in a different table. Some of my projects have up to 50 assets. I have been adding new thumbnails for each assets and then copy and pasting the file name for each. I want to be able to drag and drop the thumbnails into a field to batch upload them -- and populate the thumbnail into the "Thumbnail" field and the file name into "Assets" field. I would not be uploading more than one thumbnail per asset.


Here is one catch: I need this to happen on the interface level, not on the base level. The base contains sensitive financial data that cannot be shared with everyone. I was able to figure it out on the base level but need all of my colleagues to be able to batch upload as well via interfaces.

Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You can create a form on your interface with an attachment field, and then people can drag-and-drop multiple images in there at once.

Then, for separating them out into multiple records, you would need to create an automation that would loop through the attachment field and create a new record for each attachment.

To do this most effectively, your form submissions should probably feed into a DIFFERENT table that would just be used as the "temporary holding tank" for the form submissions. Then, the files/records would live permanently in your main table.

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Hm, may I know how you're doing it at the base level?  Could you provide an example screenshot of the end data you'd want after it's all uploaded?