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I wasn’t able to find in the support the answer to an automation question, hoping someone can help me understand.

I notice that if I trigger when a record is updated and I have it set to do so in a specific to a view. If the field being watched to trigger the automation is updated outside of that view the automation doesn’t trigger. Is this correct?

I was hoping to have the automation only happen to selected few records (in a filtered view) that get updated with certain information (updated from a different view). Not sure if this can be done now, or am I missing something here?

Thanks for some insight!

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Hi @George - the view setting is optional:

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 19.44.00

So if you select a view, only records visible in that view (matching that view’s criteria) will trigger the automation. If you leave the view setting empty, any record in the table could trigger the automation.

It sounds like you want the first scenario, so configure the view setting for your trigger.

In a sense yes, but the problem is if the automation were to run on all records that are updated it would cause a lot of erroneous record creation.

The view is filtered for the items that need to have the automation run on, but the field that is being updated could be any view on the table.

For example I only need a record created on X & Y marked records, but not Z when a field is updated.

View 1 is all records, view 2 is filtered for only X & Y records.

When the watched field is updated in View 1, it doesn’t seem to be triggering the automation, because it didn’t happen in view 2. If I were to set the automation to not be specific to the view, then I would get auto record creation on all of the Z records as well.

Is this how it is supposed to work?

Yes, so if I understand correctly, then View 1 contains the records that need to be updated, so you can configure view 1 in the automation (set the optional view parameter) and only X and Y will be affected, not Z