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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We have two tables:

  • one that captures all the costs for a project (the BOM Table). There are 10 different cost centres in the table (Labour, Kit, Travel, PM resource etc).
  • one that tracks cost changes and liability for those cost changes

The reason to split this out there can be multiple different cost changes in the BoM and also the cost changes have a separate billing workflow (external liability for those costs if they relate to scope change are to be invoiced).

The cost changes are calculated in the BOM table (we have automation that moves "previous costs" down in an "updated BOM" records).

What we cannot do is get one automation that moves the cost increases for all cost centres into the cost tracking table. 


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Hm, not sure I follow.  Any chance you could provide some screenshots of the tables and the relevant fields, an an example of what you'd like to happen?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Sorry to add move detail here is an example for just one cost centre in the BoM table:


However, there are 10 cost centres

This is "Chargeable Costs" table:


It is easy to write an automation to move one cost centre over - the trigger can be:


What we cannot do is then have one automation repeat this for the other cost centers. Obviously you could do 10 automation but burns though the 50 limit.



Thanks!  And I assume the preceding "AP" indicates one cost centre, which means each cost centre has 6 fields that help you with this?

If possible, I think I would go about it in the opposite direction, i.e. I would make changes to the "Chargeable Costs" table and have an automation that then moved the values from the new "Chargeable Costs" record to the appropriate record in the BoM table

If this isn't possible, your suggested solution of using ten automations would be the way to go I think