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6 - Interface Innovator

I am currently using Jotform and On2Air forms with Zapier to send form submissions to Airtable. Is it possible to send multiple attachments, such as PDFs, JPEGs, etc to Airtable via Zapier. If so, how? I have only been able to send over 1 URL link.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Jeremy. I’m sure that I’m not the best person to be answering this question, but I’ll give you my experience.

I have experimented with Jotform and the ability of Jotform’s attachment field to deliver files to Airtable works fine. You don’t even need Zapier.

I think that with any of the automation middlemen (Zap, Integro, etc), you can only get one attachment into any Airtable attachment field. It will just replace the current one if you try to attach more. At least that was my experience a couple of years ago. So you would need one field for each attachment.

Of course, that’s just my limited experience and I could be wrong.

Good luck!

No, this is not true. The attachment field supports as many attachments as you want, and all the external automation platforms handle it differently. Integromat is potentially the easiest platform to use in terms of handling multiple attachments, because it gives multiple different ways of handling it.

Thanks for chiming in. I knew that I wasn’t the best person to answer that question. :upside_down_face:

I am using Zapier when I try to send the files that I upload to Airtable, I can see that it is loading something but then it disappears. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

My attachment experience is with Integromat, which is a much easier, much cheaper, and more powerful platform that Zapier.

Maybe someone else here has the answer on how to do this in Zapier, but you will need to simply create an array of URLs. Might be as simple as putting a comma in between the URLs, or maybe there’s an Array function to create an array. I’m assuming that Zapier also gives you a way to make a direct API call to Airtable, in which case you can generate the array and insert the attachments into Airtable.

Not sure. All of this stuff is very easy to do in Integromat. (In my personal opinion, Zapier should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.)