Bug in Markdown in HTML emails

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4 - Data Explorer

I believe this is a bug in how html in email automations are processed:

If I try to send an email using `[markdown](...)` syntax with a inserted URL from a record it works fine, but if I try to do the same with `<a href="...">example</a> then it seems that markdown processing is applied to the inserted URL; in this case the inserted URL includes _underscores_, and extra `<i>` tags are inserted in the link.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there!


Apologies for the confusion here, our automations use Markdown Syntax in the message body (here is some information about Markdown Syntax in Airtable). 


Since Automations support markdown, these underscores are automatically parsed when input in the automation. To get around this, you can add a "\" before any underscores so that Airtable does not attempt to apply formatting. You could do this with a formula like this: SUBSTITUTE({field name}, "_", "\_") Then, you would change the automation to input the value from the formula field. You could also hide this formula field afterward. Another option would include wrapping the URL in back ticks: ` ​Image 2021-08-26 at 10.48.34 AM.jpg