Bulk upload media files from CSV with Dropbox share links to Airtable attachment field

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4 - Data Explorer


I have a CSV file with about 250 Dropbox share links. I would like to upload the media from these links (images, PDF's and h.264 video files) to an Attachment field in Airtable.

Does anybody have some pointers on what would be the best approach to achieve this? Can't find any info on this particular problem when searching.


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This would need to be scripted or done through another tool that offers this functionality.

Personally, I would automate this with Make, which offers tools for Dropbox, CSV files, and Airtable.

However, there can be a bit of a learning curve with Make, which is why I created this basic navigation video for Make, along with providing the link to Make’s free training courses. There are also many Make experts hanging out there who can answer other Make questions.

Alternatively, if you have a budget to hire an Airtable/Make consultant, I can help set this up for you. Feel free to reach out to me through my website:

There's a free script in the marketplace called Convert URLs to Attachments that might do what you need