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I'm fairly new to Airtable, but I have found myself stuck on something and I'm unsure the best approach.  I have a base that is receiving data from submitted forms for security requests.  These requests are worked on by 3 different staff members.  I've built interface views for each member and I am now trying to add a button on each interface that once clicked, would update a record with a blank "Assigned to" field to their name and thus populate into their interface view.  Is there anyway to do this in Airtable? It could be I need to think about it in a different way rather than updating a field, that's why I am reaching out!


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Yes, there is a button element that you can add to your interface that gives you the action of updating a record. Then, you can choose your "Assigned To" field. If your "Assigned To" field is a User field, then it will give you the option of choosing "Current User". Note that this option will ONLY appear if your field is a "User" field type. This option won't show up for any other field types.

interface has a good feature for your case, when using 'User' type of field. It's dynamically changed value 'Current user', according to a person using interface.
You can use it for filter, or you can set Button action to Update record, with 'Current user' as value.

In preview, with 'View as.." you can evaluate a view from theirs side.

So I had this set up, but it isn't exactly as desired.  They want the queue of work to be blind to the user.  Essentially the user wouldn't select a record, the button would update the next blank user record to their name with no way to cherry pick.  Does that make sense?

Sure, you would just need to have your button trigger an automation instead, and have the automation do what you want. It sounds like Airtable's automations would be enough to handle this, but if not, you can always do highly advanced automations with Make's automations for Airtable. All of these different types of automations can be triggered by buttons or single-select fields or checkboxes in Airtable.

I'm not seeing an automation or anything on Make that matches.  Any other ideas?

You can trigger automations in Make on a schedule or a webhook... here's a writeup I did on how to do it with a webhook:

And here is an entire thread that I created with some training resources: