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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I Think this may not be possible, but I thought you all may be able to help.

We do food with a menu that has different portion sizes based on age group. (Daycares). The daycares, (state funding regulations) need calendars from us that reflect the serving sizes of each menu item.

We have a couple tabs that house the basic information for the items and have two separate columns-1-2 year old portion size and 3-5 year old portion sizes.

We use linked records and lookup fields to create a 1-2 year old menu tab and a 3-5 year old menu tab (separate tabs), so the calendar view can be a FORMULA which includes the pertinant information for the age group (See

Where we are running into struggles is if we change something on the 1-2 year old tab , we also have to make the change to the 3-5-year-old tab. We just copy/paste or whatever, but I think this could be shortcut.

WE MUST KEEP TABS SEPARATE for order/delivery/invoice purposes.

I’ve got an automation set up that when we enter a NEW menu item on the 3’s menu, it puts it on the 1’s menu.
But I’m stuck on how to modify a record from the 1’s menu when the 3’s menu gets updated.
So far…

I added a text field that puts the record ID for the 1’s record on the 3’s menu (and vice versa)

I have an automation set up where on the 3’s menu it enters a view “Modified today” and I want to ‘update record’ but since the records are always changing… ugh. I couldn’t select my text field to ‘search’ for that record. I’m trying to find a way to “find” the new record and then update the menu date/linked record (Linked record is pulled from a text formula). Then everything else auto-lookups for me.

But now I’m stuck.
I hope I’m being thorough. It’s kind of a complex issue.

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