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Cancelling and Updating Google Calendar Events issues

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Hello Airtable Community:

I need help with my automations. I run a tutoring company and I use Airtable to schedule lessons and events.

I have two automations in my base - "Cancelled Lesson" and "Cancelled Event". These automations update lesson and event status to "Deleted" so I know when to take action when a student or parent changes times/dates of the lessons.

Today I received an email from Airtable stating that I am approaching the limit of my automations, hitting 11,000 runs midway through March! I know this is impossible as I don't have this kind of volume. I look into the Run History and I see that there hundreds of failed runs occuring each day. Clearly this is not correct because parents and tutors only change their schedule once in a while. We may get a handful of changes a day.

I look into the trigger for Google Event "when an event is cancelled" and I see that the triggers are based upon all Status: "cancelled" events as identified in the Google API(?). 
I find out that automations are run on all prior cancelled events as well as the immediate events. So cumulatively, all the cancelled events in Google Calendar are continuously automated everyday. This is not what I was expecting.

Is there a way to update the Google Calendar Status from "cancelled" to something else once the event has been rescheduled/updated?




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Hmm, if you went into your Google Calendar deleted events and restored it it'd go back to "Confirmed" maybe? 

As a data point, it's been a couple of hours now and the automation's not triggered!