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Combining typeform single attachments from several attachment fields into 1 field

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hey there, so I’ve set up an automation to combine typeform single attachments from several attachment fields to put into 1 field by mapping the url of the additional attachments. The automation tests fine, but in practice, I could only ever get 1 source field to 1 destination field. I could never get multiple source fields to 1 multiple attachment destination field. (I’ve tried different separators to no avail. The mapping seems like it should be easy to set up…) There’s the miniExtensions for doing this, but I was hoping for an alternative that doesn’t require their pricey subscription at $39/month for just this one automation. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @Michael_Su!

To combine several individual attachments into one attachment field, you would need to create an array of all of the URL’s of those attachments, and insert the array into the attachment field via Airtable’s API or via automations.

You should be able to do this with automations by putting a comma in between the different URLs.

Alternatively, you can also do this with scripting or by using an external automation tool like my personal favorite Integromat.

In fact, you could use Integromat to sit in the middle between TypeForm and Airtable, so that your form submissions already arrive in Airtable in the format that you desire:

Thanks so much for your reply. Indeed, I finally figured out that yes, putting commas between the URLs works fine, as my initial attempts worked fine. What was failing is if some of the source URLs are empty. So, for instance, if I have Source Attachments in Field 1, 2, and 3, using automation to combine into Destination Combined Attachments work great. However, if any of the Source Attachment Fields 1, 2, or 3 are empty, then the Automation fails. Would you perhaps have any insight into how to resolve this issue? Integromat or MiniExtensions do both work; however, I’m trying to avoid any third party services due at request of my school, which is the end use of this table. Thanks in advance!

How are you sending the comma-separated URLs into Airtable? You would likely need to create to some programming logic there to remove the extra commas. Otherwise, you would need to write a script or use a tool like Integromat to create the logic for you.

I’m just using Automation in Airtable and then mapping the separate Images fields from source to a Combined Images field in target, while adding comma in between them. So this works just fine when all source fields have attachments. However, indeed, with empty fields, the Automation cannot handle the extra commas, so still no go, as I am not able to stipulate how many images should be submitted per record. (I did try to use Integromat, specifically to go from typeform to airtable, advanced version, but I couldn’t get the merge attachments to work, as Integromat kept returning errors on the merging of Attachment fields. I’ll keep trying there.) Thanks again for your help!

I was able to get it working with, seemed much easier to map fields from typeform to airtable, plus combining the attachments into single target field. Whew! Thanks for idea of using third party, still not sure why Integromat didn’t work tho.

Glad you got it working!

You would need to create an array in Integromat, using either the Array Aggregator or the Array functions.

Then, when you insert this array into your attachment field, be sure to turn on the “map” function.

ahhhh I see. thanks so much for taking time to explain. much obliged!