Compiling two sources of deadlines into one sheet?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am working on two tables of independent data: Tables A and B. The common denominator for each table is that they have a date value that I and other team members need to track.

I've been able to create an automation where every time a new value on Table A or B is created, a new record on Table C is also created -basically copied- with values from A or B that are relevant for all those accessing Table C.

Where I'm getting stuck is when I update anything on Tables A and B, I'd also like to automatically update the data on Table C, specifically dates but every now and then other values. This would be a simple fix with link to record if I wasn't pulling data from two separate sources, and I can't seem to find how to set up the right automation I need. This is where I am:

  • Trigger: When any relevant value on Table A is updated,
  • Action: Update Record on Table C <-- What record ID should I use? Ideally what I want to tell Airtable is that based on the common serial # from Table A and Table C, I want to update the relevant fields that were updated on Table A.
    From there, the field mapping is all figured out. And then I'd need to duplicate the automation for Table B, and adjust the mapping.

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Update: I might  have found a workaround/solution:

  • Trigger: When any relevant value on Table A is updated,
  • Action: 
    • Find record on Table C that matches with the common value between Tables A and C
    • Update record, Using the record ID as what's suggested under the Find Records option:DLWCW_0-1706039624441.png


    • Map the values accordingly.

Then, I just duplicated the automation for table B and adjusted the mapping.

Most of my test updates worked and I got a few errors that I'm working on but seems to be a -so far- good way to go about this. I'm leaving this on in case someone else got something else to share!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I did something like this recently.

You can do this a couple of ways depending on how much granularity on change management you want.

  1. Less Work Way
    1. use lookup fields for in table C for both Tables A and B
    2. Create a trigger that watches all of the fields you want to keep in sync in C with what is in A and B.  When any one of those fields change copy all of the fields into corresponding fields in C.
  2. More work
    1. create a trigger for each field you want to watch to sync A and B lookup fields to the C fields.


Thank you! But wouldn't I need each lookup field to be linked to table A or table B? In other words, in Table C I'd need to have a Lookup A and Lookup B set of fields? Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean on the less work way.