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Hi all

I’m struggling to find this as another topic so apologies if it’s already been covered.

We’re trying to set up a system for students to submit work anonymously and then allocate that work to a tutor for marking.

What I’d then like to do is allow an email to go to the specific tutor with the new work to mark once allocated. I’ve set something up using views for each tutor and then automation for each tutor to be emailed when a record enters their view.

However, this seems pretty inelegant and uses 12 separate automations. Does anyone know a way to integrate this into just one automation?

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You only need 1 automation to send the emails. You would need to setup a “linked record” field that links the work to a tutor. Then, you could lookup the tutor’s email address from the tutor table into the work table, and use that email field as the email address for sending the emails to.