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Conditional logic fail

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Hi there,

I am building an automation that should trigger when a record is added to a view


That part completes flawlessly


The last field is C2.

Conditional automation should trigger when C2 contains Testing


And even though the record field C2 contains Testing, the automation errors out


With a super unhelpful lack of an explanation for why this isn’t working.

Help is appreciated!


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what’s inside C2 formula? is it a link to some lookup field?
i know that some time ago Airtable condition logic might fail when comparing with something containing array (lookup or multiselect field), but for most cases it was fixed.

i would try 3 things:

  • ensure you test step 1 before this condition step. If you add/remove/change steps, always test all one by one starting from first.
  • if C2 formula is like a simple link to other field, e.g. {SomeField}, change it to CONCATENATE({SomeField}), it will turn array into string. (or use ‘add empty string’ method: ''&{SomeField} )
  • insert ‘oneliner’ script step, using C2 as input and some var (e.g. C2result) as output. Set condition as " C2result contains ‘Testing’ "

That worked like a charm!