Connection between Airtabl and Zapier issue

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4 - Data Explorer

We have connected our event registration from Wordpress to an Airtable table through Zapier and it was working for a while until it started glitching.. After a while we only started seeing part of the registrants, while the other part is not showing in the table, although we see it in Wordpress. We tested it out and got this screenshot.. 

The test go through as not an issue while this keeps appearing and we keep getting notification emails that something went wrong. 

Thanks everyone

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Hello @maldinima 

I've multiple clients who also have an integration with Airtable.

Many of them have contacted in the last 2 weeks due to these types of issues.

Most of these are just a issues due to Airtable is migrating from API key method to API token.

To fix this

1) Please reauthenticate(refresh) your connection to that tool with Airtable.

2) If you're still using the API key(older) instead of a new version of the Auth token then please update it with tokens.

Also check this  Solved: Airtable Auth Expired in Zapier - Airtable Community.

It may be helps you.