Create or Update records with multiple tables in lookup

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Here’s the scenario:

  • I have a webhook that pulls in data from one source
  • The data should create or update data in 4 different tables
  • All combinations of existing/non-existing data for each of the 4 tables are possible (I believe 32 total, maybe 64)


  • Conditional actions only run the first condition that is true
  • To account for all 32-64 of my possible combinations, I would need to create 32-64 different conditional action steps, since only one can be true

Can anyone help with a more efficient way to do this?? Having 64 conditional action steps seems absurd. I’ve read through tons of articles online and there is no workable solution. Help is much appreciated!

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Welcome to the community, @Clyde_Yelverton!

Automations only allow a grand total of 25 actions (including conditional actions), so you wouldn’t be able to create an automation that handles that many combinations.

It sounds like you’re looking for an “upsert” command, which either creates or updates data with just one unified command. offers a built-in “upsert” command for Airtable, and doesn’t require any knowledge of programming code. Make also allows for an unlimited number of conditional paths (called “routers” in Make). There is no limit to the number of routers you can have in a scenario.

Otherwise, it sounds like you will need to write a custom JavaScript for this solution. I don’t know Javascript code, so somebody else would need to chime into this thread to help you with that.

Thanks for the guidance! We already use Zapier so I guess I could create a similar workflow with this, would just prefer to use direct webhook integration with Airtable instead of sending through Zapier first.

Maybe I can write some JavaScript code to achieve the result I’m seeking, but I have no experience in JavaScript. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

I am not a fan of Zapier for a variety of reasons, but for your needs, note that Zapier also has a very low limit for the number of conditionals you can have. I think it’s even lower than Airtable’s limit.

Please clarify what combinations do you mean. example?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The solution I’ve come up with is to do multiple automations, each updating a separate table. The difficult part was getting multiple webhooks.

It’s for customer data so basically all deal information, customer contact information, marketing campaign information, and offer/transaction information was coming in the same webhook. I was trying to conditionally create/update each table based on if the data was present already or not. This got tricky trying to account for 4 different tables due to automation conditional path constraints, so worked out to split it up into different automations.