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4 - Data Explorer

I ran into an issue setting up an automation for some colleagues of mine. We all work in the same workspace, but depending on the team there are different tables within the workspace to manage their work. To keep things simple, lets say Team A works in Table A, and Team B works in Table B.

Some of the work Team A does in Table A is for Team B. Team B asked for a way to see just that work in their production calendar on Table B. I created an automation pulling just the pertinent info from Table A to Table B so they can keep track of it. (I am oversimplifying this for the sake of my issue.)

The automation has so far worked perfectly, with one issue. Team A uses a Date field for their Due dates without a time field, Team B uses a Date field for their due dates with a time field. For whatever reason, when the automation runs, it will change Team A's due date (ex. 1/2/24) to the day before at 7 or 8pm (ex. 1/1/24 7:00pm). Both date fields use the same date format of "US".

What can I do to force Team B's due date field to read "1/2/24 12:00am"? I'm guessing there's a time zone error in there somewhere, but I have no idea where or how to fix it.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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