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Doubts in automation flow

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Hi. I’ve been racking my brain for hours with something that was supposed to be simple.

I have a tab called “customers” with my customers’ name and phone number.

on this tab there are two columns that are the registration and name of the last barber who attended them.

The calls are registered in the “Schedules” tab

I would like that with each new appointment, the registration and name of the last barber who made the service to be changed.

The common key between the two tables is the customer’s phone number.

Can someone help me ?

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I’m pretty sure I know how to answer your question but I need to know where this “last barber” field is in relation to the [Customers] and [Schedules] table.

Is this a field in the [Customers] table that shows who was the barber attached to the most recent linked Schedule?

the custumers table will store the last barber’s information. in the scheduling table, the appointments made by the clients who, at the time of the appointment, choose which barber they want to do the service are included.

therefore, at each new client’s appointment I need to give an update updating who was the last barber who attended him.

Are the [Customers] and [Schedules] tables linked to each other? Do you have a [Barbers] table that is also linked to the [Schedules] table? If so, you can use a system of roll ups to determine what you want.

In the [Customers] table have a rollup that looks for the MAX(values) of the date field in the linked [Schedules]. In the [Schedules] table, have a rollup field of the customer’s max date and compare it with that records’s date to see if it is the most recent appointment for that customer. Finally, have another conditional rollup in the [Customers] table that brings over the Barber information from only the most recent appointment.

Note that with this system he info on the last barber would be calculated lookup/rollup fields, not editable fields. If you need to store the information in editable fields, there are other workarounds that involve either override fields or automations.

thanks for the tip, but i think i messed up a bit. I haven’t learned how to use this rollup function yet. could you be more specific?


Try following the example shown in this video: BuiltOnAir Podcast Season 8 Episode 2 .

Thanks. this video was very enlightening.