Duplicated Gmail automations not including hyperlink correctly

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Hello! Apologies if this is a repeat question, but from my initial searches in the community threads I haven’t found a great answer as of yet…

I have three near-identical automations that are meant to send an email through Gmail to contacts, and they all include a hyperlink to a pre-filled form that was created within Airtable. The difference between the three automations is the language used in the email itself, as they are sent to contacts that are either 1) currently in our database but need to update some of their information, 2) are currently in our database but need to update a lot of their information, or 3) are not currently in our database and would need to complete the pre-filled form from the beginning.

I first created the automation for the third group, those contacts that we need brand new information from. I have since sent out the emails via this automation and it looks like 1000+ emails sent correctly, with the hyperlink pre-filled form being pulled in correctly, looking clean with simple hyperlink markdown. This section of the automation is written exactly the same in each automation. However, the two other email automations for mostly-complete and partially-complete existing members are not pulling in the hyperlink correctly; the text appears as I want it to, but it is not clickable like the first automation I made. It is worth pointing out that the tests for all three of these automations display as pulling in the hyperlink correctly.

Screenshot of Airtable view of working automation:

Screenshot of resulting working email:

Screenshot of Airtable view of malfunctioning automation:

Screenshot of resulting malfunctioning email:

Is this related to the fact that the two automations for existing contacts (which are not behaving properly) were duplicated from the first automation (which is behaving properly)? Should I remake the two non-functioning automations from scratch? What else could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with this!

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