Dynamic value in condition for multiple select fields

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Community,

I am trying to match condition for multiple select field inside automation.
With static value condition does work perfect (the first one )but with dynamic value even same as static it marked as error.
Please Help!!



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Hi Leon, can you share the error message and what you’re comparing exactly? Probably it’s a different field type / a value you can’t use in this case.

Hi Rupert,
I added explicitly second condition (dynamic) which comparing multiple select (job_type) value with multiple select value.
As mentioned the values in both cases are same but only static passed validation and didn’t displayed error.
I also modified second condition(dynamic) and compare multiple select (job_type) with following format : value1,value2.
and also tried to change condition (has any, has one of ) .
error displayed due to second conditioned is : Invalid filter on job_type.Looks like dynamic condition doesn’t work for any data