Email automations limit in legacy vs. non legacy workspaces

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4 - Data Explorer

I will be SO grateful to whoever can help me out with this:


I have a two FREE workspaces (legacy and non-legacy). Both accounts show this message: On your billing plan, you may only email collaborators with verified emails. See more plans.

In my non-legacy free workspace, I have set up automations to send out reminders and notifications to ~20 emails (users). These users do not need collaborator access or read-only as they do not need to view the collected form data (and I'd prefer they did not have access to view for one form). However, I am willing to invite them to "read-only access" if it will ensure they will receive the notifications/reminders I have set up.

I am wondering if I need to transfer the base into the legacy workspace or if I can keep it in the free non-legacy workspace (I have seen that there may be a limit of 5 collaborators/read only access users). 

Additionally, I am wondering if all that matters is that they click the link on the invite to verify their email (and the # of collaborators/read only access users does not have a limit)?

In summary, my questions are:

  1. Is "read-only" access required to ensure they can receive email notifications/reminders? 
  2. Related to Question #1 - will users need to create a free Airtable account to verify their email? 
  3. I've seen conflicting information that I have a limit of 5 collaborators/read only access users OR I have unlimited read only access users. Which is correct? Does this vary based on legacy vs. non-legacy?
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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I realized that I can set up the "send email through Gmail" feature. Does this have a limit for # of emails (non-collaborators) that can be sent?

Sending an automated email through Gmail does not have the same limit regarding emailing only base collaborators.

The recipient restriction regarding non-collaborators with the native Airtable send email action (the email that comes from Airtable itself) should be the same for both free and legacy free workspaces.

You have unlimited read-only collaborators in all plan types.

Thank you for your reply! To confirm, if I set up email automations through the "send email through Gmail" feature:

  1. I can send to an unlimited # of emails/users
  2. Those emails/users won't have to verify their emails or set up an Airtable account

Is this correct?