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Encoded HTML link from button field breaks the command

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Currently I have a HTML prompt that will launch iMessage on Mac and prepopulate a body of the message.

The formula looks like

SMS:/ (123) 456-7891 /&body=Hi person, it was great to see you!

When I input this into my web browser, it works great: launches imessage, prepopulates the number and text body. I want to get the button field to launch this HTML line: PROBLEM is that when I launch the button “open URL” it encodes the HTML line automatically and outputs something like-


This no longer works and just says site cannot be reached. Any help or suggestions?

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Hello @newdatabasedesignguy,

Adam from Airtable here.

Our article about the button field may be helpful here. To help me understand a bit more about your setup, could you take a screenshot of your base and show all the specifics of how your button field is currently set up?


Did anyone ever figure this out?

I want to create a button that launches a prefilled text on my mac/phone and am having trouble getting the button to work as well.

“sms:+” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Cell Phone} & "?&body=Hey " & {First Name} & “/N” & “, Click below to register.”) is my formula and if I paste it into the url bar it works great however Airtable doesn’t see this as a link.