Find Record in table A and create record in table B

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Expert,

i am new to Airtable and i would like to seek your help on setting of my automation

i have 2 tables:
Table A - Store up the items information with price, name, cost, supplier name, etc
Table B - Store up the supplier name, credit limited, item code, etc.

So i would like to set up an automation, when i added a new record in table A, then airtable can find the new record and get the supplier name.
then it goes to table B search for this supplier name, if the supplier name exist, then do nothing, but if there is no this supplier name, then i create a new row.

Sorry that i am not very good in automation and would like seek your help to teach me the setup , thanks!!

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Welcome to the community, @Louis_kwok.

You don’t need an automation for this. Just create a linked record field that links to your Suppliers table.

When you are doing data entry: If the supplier exists, choose them from the list. If not, there is a button at the bottom to create a new record.