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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

we still dont have grouping or sorting for records found by conditions in automations. and you cant add an additional dynamic filter to the view you choose… this makes this effectively useless for many cases. we keep getting things added to the ‘by view’ option but the ‘by condition’ option you need to use in order to have dynamic lists in emails.

we either need view selection to be able to be dynamic or we need to be able to add an additional condition to the view. ‘show me the records from the expiring projects view where sales person is sales person from the triggering record’ or ‘show me the records where the name of the view matches the sales persons name from the triggering record.’

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With some coding, you can definitely achieve a result using the an Automation Scripting action, but the ability to achieve this without scripting would be a huge plus for the No-Code crowd. Frustratingly, the grouping of a Grid View is limited in too many ways to count, and is next to useless.