Find Records by date not accurate - what timezone does the lookup automation use?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have an automation that triggers at midnight every night. It runs a Find Records on a table with a date field, looking for dates that match "Yesterday." Below is a screen cap of the trigger going off at the right time/day (7/15). It should have pulled a record made on 7/14 (which I have confirmed exists and matches all of the other requirements for the lookup). I'm worried that the record "created time" is in PDT but that the lookup automation is in GMT, and therefore is puling the wrong date? Timezones always feel hazardous to automate around, so any insight or best practices advice would be so helpful! Thank you!



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Preston_Swinche 

Timezones are a tricky element! You're right regarding the cause: all dates are stored in Airtable in GMT. Whenever using a date/time field in an automation, integration, or an extension, I would recommend creating a formula field that inputs your local date and time with the GMT option toggled to ON in the formatting tab using the following formula: 

DATETIME_PARSE( DATETIME_FORMAT( SET_TIMEZONE( {Your_Date_Field}, 'America/Los_Angeles' ), 'M/D/Y h:mm A'), 'M/D/YYYY h:mm A' )


You'll want to replace the 'America/Los_Angeles' reference with the timezone appropriate to your desired time. You can check out this linked article for a list of supported timezones.