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Formatting trigger date within an automation

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Hi everyone, very simple use case here:
When sending weekly or even daily digests - it is nice to have the date or time in the subject of the email!
We can do this by using the trigger date from step 1.

However the formatting is a bit gross. Is it possible to format this date and time so it shows up as friendly or even use a date format formula within the automations ‘send email’ subject line or body?

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Hi @Sean_Wilson, I usually end up just creating a formula field specifically to format a date for the email; not the most elegant solution but it works I guess

Hopefully someone has a better idea

Hi Adam,

It looks like this wouldnt work because the date an automation is triggered is not saved within the record, unless I am missing something?

You can use a formula field like this and the automation will use the value at the time the automation is run.


Oh wow, yes, I feel like an idiot for not realising this earlier haha