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I’m looking for help or advice on how to create automations on one of my created tabs.

Basically, I work with a company that rents furniture. Our rental term lengths range from 30-90 days (90% are 60-day terms). Is it possible to create 2 automations that do the following?

  1. Projects installation date is automatically added to our google calendar
  2. 2-Weeks, before a term ends can automation be set up to
    *, send an email to notify a client their term will be renewing, and if they wish to cancel and schedule removal please contact us
  • send me a reminder to notify the client

Let me know if this is possible to do

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Hi Brittany, yeah this is doable.

For this, I would first create a new field called Google Calendar ID or some such

I’d then make an automation that would trigger if the record’s Project Installation Date value was not empty AND the Google Calendar ID was empty, and I would make the automation:

  1. Create a new Google Calendar event
  2. Update the Google Calendar ID field of the original record with the ID generated from the previous step

For this, I would make two formula fields

  1. The field 2 weeks before end date would be to calculate when the exact date of 2 weeks before the term ends with the DATETIME_ADD() formula
  2. The field Send email would be to check whether the present date is equals to the value from the previous field with the formula `TODAY() = {2 weeks before end date}

The field Send email would be used as the automation trigger, and the action would be to email the client

Do note the following limitation outlined here
Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 3.42.24 PM

If we can’t send emails, then I’d set up the action to be to message me on Slack or make a calendar event for me to notify the client or something

Let me know if you’ve got any questions!