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6 - Interface Innovator

I need help figuring out what I am doing wrong. In the main table, I track daily work, and in the other table, I track inventory. There is created a link record from the main table to the inventory table. From the main table, I am selecting the available items for sale. What I would like the automation to do is find the records that I have assigned and copy the quote number from my main table to the inventory table. I know I can do a lookup the problem is that I have too many records that would have to backlog. Here is what I am trying to accomplish with the automation, but it keeps failing.


After I update that Quote Number field and select the items from the inventory table, I am triggering the automation from the checkbox field.

Main table view:
Main Table

Record matches conditions

Inventory table (Resale Items) view:

It finds the records.
Find records

Automation fails, even though it finds the Record IDs.

Update records

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Scott,

Thank you very much for writing this.  Now it makes sense, I am assuming since I am having the same issue it has not been resolved yet?

There has been talk about doing a JavaScript workaround, but no one has listed it anywhere I can find.  For someone who has never done JavaScript and needs the workaround, how would that be done?