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How can I know when the automation will run if the trigger is 'when a record matches conditions'

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I created automation like this:

  • trigger: when a record matches conditions - Has started (column name) = N
  • action: send a slack message

I tested the automation, it works. But when the automation will run?

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Anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes after a record from that table has a field value of “N”.

@Kamille_Parks apparently I did not receive any slack message since the automation was turned on last evening.

But does this only run the first time the record meets the condition?

Or every time the record meets the condition after an update?

Or every time the script runs does it check every record run the script on all that continue to meet the condition?

Really would like to know more about this.

Every time a record from the table (or view from a table, if specified) is created or updated, Airtable checks to see if the new field values match the conditions set by the Automation. If the conditions match, the Automation will run. If a record ends up meeting the conditions set multiple times throughout that record’s lifetime, the Automation will run for that particular record multiple times.

Ok, so only if the record meets the condition and last updated on the record is newer than the last time the script ran?

I agree that this is a little confusing. It seems like this is less of a “trigger” and more of a conditional statement or filter. Maybe it should be called “When a new/updated record matches conditions”?

“Trigger” is a generic term. The trigger type being discussed in this thread is already named “When record matches conditions”.


That name is exactly what I’m suggesting be changed to more accurately reflect what it is and does. All the other triggers listed are discrete events that happen at a time. This one is a property that doesn’t happen at a specific time; it’s just a condition that generally exists. If they added “new/updated” to the name, it could make it clear what time/event would cause this to fire, and clear up a lot of confusion.