How do I change Value of all records in one Field at the specific time?

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I have specific mails to be sent to all the records depending on what day it is and it has to go at a Specific Time.

Eg If today is Monday, a Mail drafted for Monday should go to all the records exactly at 10 am.
On Tuesday, mail drafted for Tuesday to go to all records exactly at say 4 pm.

Basically everyday checklist based on which day it is.

What did I do?

  1. I created a Day Field and added Sun, Mon, Tues… as value.
  2. Created separate automation with specific day mail body.
  3. Created a Trigger condition if Day Field changes to “Mon”, send a Monday Automation mail body to that particular record. Same way for each day created a Condition and Mail body.
  4. Manually, at 10 am for all the Records, I have to change the value of Day field to “Mon” so that it is fired at that time. Next day manually change value to “Tue” at 4 pm.

I need a solution to make it really automated.

  1. Either everyday at the specified time all the records should get a mailer.
  2. Or Automatically change Field values of the Records at one go at a specified time.

Kindly help.

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If the value of {Day} is supposed to always show the name of the current day, just turn it into a formula field:


Sending at a specific time can be controlled by a separate formula field that basically follows a format like:

   DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Time to Send}, 'America/Los_Angeles'), 'Hmm') <= 
   DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(), 'America/Los_Angeles'), 'Hmm'), 

^ The above formula checks will spit out a checkmark if the time at which the record should be sent (formatted as 1600 for 4:00pm) has passed; it assumes you have a field called {Time to Send} which is a date & time of when the record should go out. You could add that to your Automation’s condition so the Monday automation template will run when {Day} = "Monday" and {Formula} is not empty

Thanks Kamille … will applyal and revert on this.