How do I set up an automation so that when a single select field in one table is changed, it also changes in another table?

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I have two tables, Projects & Tasks and DocCloud Projects and set up an automation to feed new DocCloud records into Projects & Tasks, which seems to be working. I then tried to set up a new automation so that when the status changes in the DocCloud table, it also changes in the Projects & Tasks table. This one is not working, I suspect it has to do with the way the record ID is selected.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 1.23.31 PM

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Hi @Meghan_Ryan,
I think you are correct. Your Trigger is on an update in the DocCloud Projects table. When that update starts the trigger, the Automation gets the Record ID of the record that updated in DocCloud Projects table.

In your Action, you are telling Airtable to update an individual record by providing a Record ID, the only Record ID you have so far is the record in DocCloud Projects table.

You want to tell Airtable which record in Projects & Tasks to update.

You will need to add a Find Action to locate the correct record in the other table.

However, just looking at your screenshot, is it safe to assume that records in Projects & Tasks are linked to DocCloud Projects? Are you wanting to reflect the Kanban Status of an updated record in DocCloud Projects in the Projects & Tasks table. You should be able to add a Lookup type field to reflect the state of that record without any Automation.