How to Restore Formatting in Automations Tab for a Long Text Field with Rich Text Enabled

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Hey there, 

I'm working on an automation to create a record and one of the fields I'm using for this automation is a long text field. In the Data tab, I've enabled this field to have rich text formatting, which works great in the Data tab! However, in the Automation tab, I'm trying to copy and paste from another Airtable base (I've also tried a Google Doc) that has line breaks and bullet formatting. When pasted into the automation, it strips all of the formatting. Is there any way to avoid having to manually re-create the line breaks? 

I've attempted to follow this documentation: 

And reviewed this one: 
I've even tried to use HTML in the automation to try to get it to work. 

Every time the record is created, it still has the incorrect formatting and I need to go in and add line breaks into the automation. Please help me save some time 🙂


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Could you provide screenshots or preferably examples of the data you're copy pasting?  A base with example data set up would also be really useful for helping to troubleshoot this

Hey there! Sure thing - thanks for being willing to take a look! I've attached a screenshot of how it populates into the Data tab, which is how it automatically is formatted in the Automations tab. I'm trying to get the Automation tab to automatically format with the correct formatting. Here's the rich text I'm copying and pasting as it's supposed to be formatted:

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Let me know if this is what you were looking for! Sorry I had to minimize company data. I have a couple of other static, long text fields that need formatting as well.

Thanks for this.  Unfortunately with the data you've provided I wasn't able to replicate your issue

The following was attempted using an automation:
 1. From a long text field with rich text enabled:
  a. Paste values into long text field with rich text enabled
  b. Paste values into long text field with rich text disabled
 2. From a long text field with rich text disabled:
  a. Paste values into long text field with rich text enabled
  b. Paste values into long text field with rich text disabled

Link to base

Happy to help further if you create an example base where you're able to replicate the issue!