How to vlookup data from a Google Sheet

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have an airtable base that contains leads information.

I have a Google Sheet that contains information about those leads and other leads not contained in Airtable’s base.

I’d like to add a lookup field into my Airtable base, but I want to lookup data from the Gsheet.

Is this possible? Should I need to develop a script to do so?

Founder @Boltflow
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Hey gaston, yeah a script would probably do it; you’d be using the script to grab data from Gsheet and adding it to your base

If you were to write a script, you’d need to either make it run as an automation (which I think comes with a 30 second max run timer, so if you have a lot of data in your Gsheet this might not be an option at all), or make it run on a button click

Are you open to paying for third party services that would help you sync your entire Gsheet into your base? Then you could use a lookup field as needed and you wouldn’t have to write the script at all

Thanks Adam!

Regarding your last proposal of using zapier/integromat, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it actually possible to replicate the content of a sheet into a table? I mean, not only creating and copying new rows, but also updating them everytime they’re updated. Is it possible to make this to work 100%?

  2. If fear that bringing the Gsheet into a table of my base is gonna take me closer to the 100K records limit. Is it possible to do this on a separate base and then lookup from base to base instead of having both tables under the same base?


Founder @Boltflow

Yeah, anecdotally, I got this working for myself with Zapier. I don’t know about 100% heh, I didn’t get any errors on Zapier, and I personally never detected any discrepancies

Hmm, I don’t think so. I think even if we put it on a separate base, we’d have to do some sort of synced view to be able to do a lookup field, in which case you’d still have both tables in the same base


To return to your script question, feels like there’d be two options for grabbing data:

  1. Grab everything, dump it into another table, do lookups
  2. Grab everything, filter it based off of the data you have on Airtable, and then update the original table with the appropriate fields

Both are doable, but might be easier to just offload the work to the services mentioned above depending on budget I guess