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I'm not getting any emails from airtable

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I’ve set up automations where I receive an email everytime a new record enters a base. They were working totally fine but for some reason I stopped receiving emails. I checked my spam and nothing. I tried changing the email address and it seems to be working for a different email address but not for my normal work email. Any idea on how I can resolve this?

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Hi @Moving_Waves

Are you on a free plan? The number of automations are limited to 100 each month. At 100, it stops without any warning. Don’t know if that hard stop counts per base or per user though…

Have you checked the run history of the automation?

I’m on a paid plan. Once I change the email address it’s all working, it’s just that for some reason it doesn’t send emails to my work email address anymore. I checked all my folders and it’s not there. I have run history and it says all steps successful!

Maybe a spam filter who has gone rogue somewhere?

I checked (I use g-suite / google workspace for emails) and nothing seems to appear in spam settings. Is there another way to find out if that’s what’s causing the problem?

Did you try this? :point_up_2:

Yes I did, everything looks like it’s been running as normal! It says that all steps were successful. I really have no idea what’s causing the problem, it was all working fine before the weekend!

UPDATE: I contacted airtable and they identified the problem so thought I’d update this thread in case anyone else is having similar issues now or in the future. Here’s their reply:

''I’ve checked our email logs and found that a previous email had bounced when trying to deliver mail to your address. Once an email bounces, our system stops trying to send emails to that address. I’ve gone ahead and removed the hold so this should no longer be an issue. You should see emails and notifications come through without any issue going forward. ‘’


Thanks for letting us know!

It’s good to know what the problem is, but it’s disappointing that Airtable does things like this behind the scenes without letting us know about it.

Airtable should’ve given you some sort of an automated alert to let you know that an email bounced and that the email address will be blocked in the future.

Since you’re already talking to them about this issue at, I would recommend asking them to make this process more transparent for their customers.

Having the exact same issue because of some bounced emails during a temporary email outage. Having seen your message, I’ve contacted support to have them remove the hold. Was racking my brain trying to figure out why we weren’t receiving automation emails I knew we should be seeing … thanks very much for sharing this.

I know that feeling, it was driving me crazy! Glad it helped and hopefully you’ll get a quick response.