I would like help with automations and triggers, when a record matches a condition (not specific)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

These tables are all on 1 database by the way.

I have been playing around with automations and a trigger that matches conditions, but it gets specific. For instance, I am trying to: when I type in a case number which is xxxx-xxxx, it will prefill another field where it will put the abbreviation from the Center ID table for me. Example on there is 01209-0085. I want to match the condition whenever I type in 01209, it will automatically prefill in CC SJD (from Center ID). I’m sorry for bad explanation.

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Hi Dalena, if I were you, I would use a linked field instead

I’m assuming all the case numbers in the Main View will be unique

If so, I would make the primary field of the Main View the case numbers. In the Grid View, I would create a formula field that would help us distinguish the unique case number, and then I would use an automation to paste the unique case number into a linked field

Once the records are linked, we can then use lookups to view the abbreiviation

Link fields

I’ve set it up here for you to check out