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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all!

I just started using Airtable today, and my mind is spinning with all of the automation possibilities!

I am stuck at the moment and could use some guidance- any help is greatly appreciated- thank you in advance!

I’ve created a base that I am using to track the progression of people signing up to be a guest on a podcast.

Here’s the desired workflow:

  1. We enter the names and email addresses of people we want to be on the show into the base.
  2. Once someone says yes, that contact record is moved from one status to another within a kanban view.
  3. I created an automation that triggers when the record is moved from one status to another in the kanban view. It sends an email with a link to a form.

My issue is that I don’t know how to have that form update the current record that we created in step one, as opposed to creating a new record.

Thanks for any help!

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey @Joseph_Boerner , Audrey from Airtable here :wave:t2:

I noticed that no community members have jumped in on your topic, and it’s possible that a little more context might be needed to get a full understanding of what’s happening here.

I’m hearing that you’re referencing a form- could you possibly provide some screenshots or a screen recording with context as to how you’re wanting to incorporate a form here?

Thanks for being part of our community :sparkles:

As far as I know, a completed form alway creates a new record in the same table. Maybe you could create the form in a different table and then update the original records with an automation? There is also no way to delete a form using automations.

I am following this thread because we have the same issue. We have a database roster. Some people did not fill in all the fields on the form. We resent the form to the clients and when they fill it all in, and it returns to the database, it creates a duplicate record. How can we send the single record form, get a response and have it update the existing record?