If-Else logic for CRM automation

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone,

I am building a CRM with 2 tables: customer table (name, email, total purchase) and order table (order id, customer name, customer email, purchase value)

I want to implement an automation which triggers when new record on order table comes in and does action on customer table:
If (customer exists in customer table): find that customer on customer ledger via email and update their total purchase as per the current order by adding to their total purchase
If (customer does not exist in customer table): create new customer record saving customer name, email and their current order’s purchase value as total purchase.

I tried building this in Airtable automation but it doesn’t allow if-else conditional in formulas

How can I build this functionality? Please advise.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

You are correct that Airtable automations currently do not support if-then logic without code. Here are some options …

  • Use a scripting action. You can include if-then logic in the code. This option keeps everything in the Airtable base with no additional fees, but it requires either knowing how to write JavaScript or hiring someone to write code for you.

  • Use a third party tool such as Zapier or Integromat that allows for if-then logic. This option can be done without code, but it requires an external serviced, with the associated fees and complexity.

Thanks kuoovonne. Scripting seems the robust option.

I have another request if you could help → the use case I’m dealing with seems very standard, I’m sure people would have figured this (or some form of this) out before on the community itself.
I tried finding something related to this but couldn’t since I’m new to this.

Can you help with some related queries where people have solved or advised on this/related use case?

Here are some options for getting answers to your questions.

  • Search these forums for your questions and see if they have already been answered. Depending on your questions and your searching ability, this can be the fastest way to get answers, or it can a long frustrating process that yields no answers. Note that old answers may no longer apply, as Airtable may have released new features since the original posting.

  • Create a new thread in the forums asking your questions. Many posts get answers from fellow Airtable users and consultants (such as myself). However, there is no guarantee that you will get an answer. No-one pays us to answer questions on these forums, so we don’t have time to answer every question.

  • Book an appointment with me.