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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi AT Community!

Need a bit of automation help for product management.

So I one base called “Product Selection”. In this base, each of my ten territory teams has their own table where they manage their various workstreams, reporting, etc. for their territory.

Within each territory’s table, they have a view where they can see all products being released for a season. Each territory marks which products they are going to sell in their territory for the season.

However for production, I have one production team serving all territories and they work out of a base called Product Production. I need to sync my Product Selection territory tables into one table in the Product Production base, that shows the name of the product in one field, and the names of all territories that have opted-in as an array in another field.

Ideally, this would be an automated process shared by one-way sync. Is this possible?

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Hi @S_Pacheco-Williams

It can be done via multi-source syncing, but up to the Pro plan, it has a limit of 3 tables per sync. So unless you go outside of Airtable or take an Enterprise plan (up to 20 tables in 1 synced table), you won’t be able to sync 10 tables into 1.