Integromat to Airtable adding to multi select field and not replacing current value

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there, this is my first forum help request…
I have an Integromat scerio in which I updae a value inside a multi select field, but the value I update replaces the current value.
Is there a way to add to the current value and not replace it?

Thank you so much for your help

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Hey @Niv_Dor_Cohen!
Welcome in!

I don’t have Make/Integromat up right now, but you should be able to accomplish this by adding the existing value(s) of the record field into the update record action.

To provide an automation example from the Airtable side…


In this update record action, the inserted value at point one is inserted from the existing record.
The comma at point two facilitates a separate value.
Point three is the value I’m looking to append.

In this case, point one has the two existing records that were already linked.
So to append the new record(s) to the field, I just add the comma and the value I want to add.

This setup will prevent all the other values from being erased.

This applies to both linked record fields, text fields, etc.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you Ben, but I need this to work from Integromat and not with Airtable automation.
When I use “update record” in the Integromat/Airtable module the value is replaced and not added.
Any thought and help will be appreciated…

Hi @Niv_Dor_Cohen!

I use Integromat, to add multi select options.

A few questions:

  1. Are you using the Multi select option, or the single select option field?

  2. Are you wanting to add a selected value/option to other values/options in one field or just one value/option per field?


Hello Mary and thank you for your help.

  1. I am using the multy select field in Airtable
  2. I want to add another value to the same multy select field, (value1 value2 value3 etc)
11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Niv_Dor_Cohen!

There might be a few different ways of doing this:

  1. I add all the multi options, at the time of creating a new record.

  2. The other option is to use a function inside of the multi field, in Integromat.

Here’s a link to a posting, with a potential solution. There are different functions that you can use. You will have to experiment with what will work for your use case.

Hope this helps!