Is it possible to send an email/calendar invitations from an updated field in a record?

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Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.
I’m using Airtable to create meetings between people.
I have a database “members” with people information (mail, phone number) and another one “meetings” in which I have people meetings expectations.

I’m trying to see how I can send an email to a person to propose a meeting with another one and if the person accepts, to send a google calendar invitation.

Right now I’m thinking of this:

  • Add a linked record to add a person record in a field in the “meetings” db and send an automated email to the person (I need the email person and the meetings expectations).
  • If the person accepts the meeting, then I’ll use another record with a checkbox and then send a automated google calendar invitation with both people email addresses.

It’s confusing for me if I’m processing the automation tools in the right way, what do you guys think?


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