Is it possible to trigger an event off a record multiple times?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I use airtable for project management and have a similar setup to this blog post -

I have a project that goes through multiple milestones and at each milestone, I want to trigger a notification email so it works like this -

Project 1:

  • Milestone 1 (in-progress) > Milestone 1 (Client review) > Send client email
  • Milestone 2 (in-progress) > Milestone 2 (Client review) > Send client email
  • etc etc.

Like the blog post, I have a status dropdown that contains the following values:

  • In-progress
  • Client review
  • Done

As the blog post says,

In our case, we want the trigger to fire when we mark a project as being ready for “Client review.”

I’m able to get the trigger to work on record X the first time, but I’m not able to get the automation to run for any subsequent time that the project goes into the “Client review” stage.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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Do you have Milestone records with their own status fields linked to a Project, or do you have a one single select field on the Project record marking the status?

Hey Kamille, thanks for the quick reply!

I have the latter option setup - “one single select field on the Project record marking the status”

I decided for this design because the number of milestones varies per project, but open to your recommendation.


You may benefit from having a table of Milestones, each with their own status, and have Automations set up based on those records as opposed to the project record.

Okay, will give that a try!