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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there,

We are planning to import through the airtable api, to trigger different automations. We are considering to import into one main table for any new orders with details like email, order_date, phone_number, etc. Since we also want to filter automations for certain updates (eg. order cancelled), we were planning to have separate tables for important updates. Between each table order_id will be the primary key. We would like to have a new table where we join the data of select columns on order_id similar to a join in sql. Is this possible with airtable? If not are there any zapier automations for this?

I tried the lookup function, but we will be working with largish sums of data and require absolute precision, so manually updating is not an option for this use case.

I wrote about another option we are considering of importing relevant data like a csv, which might provide more context:

Thanks a million!

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