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4 - Data Explorer

I am a new user of AirTable. I have a very long table that is currently being updated (by multiple users). So new records are being added/deleted to this table. Within this table, I need to create a linkage column to show that certain rows are "related/connected". I can currently only manually type the text of the linked row ID (as a text in a column called "related record"). Is there a way to truly link the multiple rows within the same table?

Because the table (A) is constantly being edited, I can't use the option of creating another table that duplicate table A.  Also, I do not want to create another table that simply show record 100 and record 110 are related in Tabe A. 


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It seems like you'd want a linked field to the same table, and you want the linked field value for both of the affected records to be updated?  If so, you're going to need a script to help with this I'm afraid.  Check out this thread that has a couple of options: