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Link In Gmail Automation Broken

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Example Of URL/Link in email thats broken, and I need help fixing: Image 2021-02-11 at 10.40.0...

Use Case:
This email gets sent from an air table automation.

The URL is from a field in my table that I’m using CONCATENATE to dynamically add an email to the URL. DT HR: General Phase 1&2 - ...

When I click on the URL in the cell in airtable it works. Example:

The link is just being cut off in the email. See first image example above.


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Hey Joe. Did you ever get a solution for this? It is happening to me as well.

Yes. We found that the “_” in the URL is breaking it. We had to create a new column with a new formula to rewrite the url. This is the formula we used:

SUBSTITUTE({Phase 2 URL}, "_", "\\_")

obviously, change “{Phase 2 URL}” with whatever column is your use case.