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4 - Data Explorer

I am simply trying to connect to the information from one table to another table automatically using automation. Every time I try it it comes up with errors. I have tried using the record id formula to connect them (they dont match between tables). I have used the primary id (email) and it wont work. I have tried the Link to Another Record field. Even in the error I am seeing both emails, so it seems like it should work. What am I doing wrong? 

Screenshot 2024-05-23 164231.png

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When the automation asks for the record ID of the record to update, you need to use the internal record ID. If you want to update the triggering record, you can get its record ID from the triggering step. If your “find records” action will always find exactly one record, and you want to update that record, use the record ID from the “find records” action. 

To make the link, you will need either the primary field value of the record to link, or the internal record ID of the record to link.

Here are some examples of how to select the Airtable record ID like kuovonne mentioned:

When updating a single record via a trigger:

Update record.png

When updating a record found via a "Find record" action that returns only one record:

Find record -_ Update record.png