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4 - Data Explorer

Hi - this seems simple but when I tried it I just got into a loop generating records 🙂

When I create a new record, and fill in one field (a lookup) and this record also has an autonumber field (say 1) could Airtable automatically duplicate the record twice (so you would have 3 records auto - numbered 1,  2 and 3) with the same lookup selected?

I guess this could need a button / script not an automation but I'm a bit new to it

Thanks much appreciated


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Hmm I feel like I'm missing something.  I'd have two "Create Record" actions in the automation?

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Hmm, could you provide some screenshots of your table?  I'm finding it hard to visualize your setup and am confused by the bit about filling in a lookup field as lookup fields aren't editable right?

To get around this issue of the endless loop, perhaps you could create another field to indicate that it's an automated record and have your automation trigger off of that as well

For example you could create a checkbox field that says "Is created by automation or some such", and your automation would trigger when records match the condition of when that checkbox field is not ticked

It would then create two records with that checkbox field ticked, does that make sense?

Thanks Adam,

Apologies for not being clear - see the screen shot - basically I create a record (WP1) and chose a farm from a lookup that then fills in other information across the record and then duplicates the record twice (WP2 and WP3). I can then fill in different information in other fields for each record.



Hmm, the "Farm" field is a linked field, and the "RO farm code" field is a lookup field so I think we might just be having a terminology misunderstanding!

Yeah from what I can see the workaround I mentioned above should work for your situation

Thanks - I can see how the automation would run and create a record with a checkbox ticked which would then stop the loop but how would you get it to run twice to create the second copy?

Hmm I feel like I'm missing something.  I'd have two "Create Record" actions in the automation?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks - just being slow - got it and the solution with the checkboxes worked a treat.

Much appreciated!