Mapping issue when importing from Google Sheet to Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm pulling data in from a Google Sheet into Airtable with an automation that was built by someone other than me. When importing, it sometimes maps incoming fields incorrectly to Airtable fields. (I say sometimes bc I just discovered the issue and it doesn't always appear to happen based on fields coming in correctly)

Sharing a screenshot where you can see we have a "Client status" field in Airtable but it's assigning the "Client notes" label to it instead of the appropriate one. This appears to be happening dynamically and I'm curious if anyone knows how to improve this WITHOUT changing the Airtable field name (which would cause me to have to change it in several places). I've tried updating the Google Sheets label to something like Notes or changing the Client Status to just Status but it still confuses the two. 

Thanks in advance!

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